Official Website Of Jammu and Kashmir Accountability Commission

In the State of Jammu and Kashmir Accountability Commission has been constituted under Jammu and Kashmir Accountability Commission Act, 2002, to inquire into the grievances and allegations against public functionaries and for matters connected therewith. Section 3 of the Act, provides that the Accountability Commission shall consist of:- (a) a Chairperson who has been a Judge of the Supreme Court or a Judge of any High Court]; and (b) such other Members, if any, as may be prescribed In terms of Rule 4 framed under section 30 of the J&K Accountability Commission Act.

Accountability Commission may have members not more than two if the Governor of the State is satisfied that such appointment is necessary or expedient in the public interest.

The qualification prescribed for a person to be appointed as Member of the Commission is that; such person must have been a judge of the high court. Chairperson and Members under the provisions of the Act are appointed by the Hon’ble Governor of the state by warrant issued under his hand and seal.

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